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As an entrepreneur, David has co-founded four companies in the areas of health, technology, venture capital and education.


He is co-founder of Fearless Adventures, a fund investing in young entrepreneurs, as well as co-founder and chairperson of one the hottest tech companies in Europe, Prevayl.


A global pioneer of highly innovative companies, David consistently builds high-growth teams with passion, purpose and a culture of positive disruption.


Successfully founding, building, and selling his first two businesses to FSTE 100 companies, David has transformed the sectors he has operated in, and re-made their workplaces into modern and diverse ones.

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The world's biggest problems are the biggest opportunities to create a better future

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Newns found his niche: futuristic, meaningful innovation to have a massive positive impact.

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I’m passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and have significant investments in the following platforms to help entrepreneurs grow through equity/debt financing and eventually exit their ventures. 

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Fearless Adventures 

invests into and supports direct to consumer brands and companies.

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Helping entrepreneurs sell their businesses to global organisations.

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Provides debt financing to profitable SME's  predominantly for growth and M&A.

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Re-imagining garments of the future with integrated biometrics. 

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Developing suburban housing of the future. An IP driven company solving real-world problems.

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A challenger university established to prepare students for life and work in the modern world.

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I love disrupting industries and have co-founded several disruptive companies with other entrepreneurs. Often, I’ve majority funded these companies and always provide strategic support to the CEO and management teams. 

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SuperAwesome ​is a visionary tech company making online gaming and the metaverse safer for children. It sold to entertainment giant, Epic Games, in 2020.

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Newsflare helps creators license their video content to global media organisations.

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Pinter is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) product innovation that has shaken up brewing to enable people to brew their own drinks at home for the freshest possible taste.  

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Acquires back catalogues from YouTube creators and had over 700m hours of watch time in a month. Spotter will deploy over 500m USD in 2022.

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Disrupting the lending landscape to become the most innovative provider of digital mortgages and loans.

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I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve a big vision, and supporting their mission to solve something that’s important to them personally on a large scale publicly.

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